• Anny Fairysiren

My way. The Вeginnig.

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

In childhood, many children love to draw. I was no exception. My parents decided to develop this skill. I graduated from art school and went to university. But even at school I realized that I like handmade much more than drawing.

At the university, I started looking for my own way.

I began my sewing journey as an assistant in a small office specializing in dresses of elven princesses. Work allowed me to study and search for my creative path.

Then I didn’t do photography yet and collaborated with friends.

There are some shoots from thouse times.

Photographer: Lubov Burakova.

Model: Olga Moskvina

Photographer: Ekaterina Marinenko.

Model: Ksenia Dubrovina

Photographer: Elena Ohapkina

Model: Ekaterina

Model: Julia

Model: Elena Zhitkevich

Gradually, I left craftwork and focused on my main passion - hand embroidery.

Photography was also very interesting to me and I decided to start the first step Taking pictures was also very attractive to me and I decided to start the first steps

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